It is much easier to prevent stretch marks from appearing than to treat them. Stretch marks can be inherited, so if you know ahead of time that you are prone to them, you can be proactive and begin searching for the best ways to prevent them.

Aside from genetics, other causes of stretch marks include puberty, dryness of skin, pregnancy, fast weight gain, bodybuilding and lifting weights. Don’t wait to get started on taking preventive measures if any of these are relevant to you.

Stretch Mark Prevention

Teenagers won’t be able to do much to forestall those growth spurts, but they can begin eating sensibly in order to maintain their weight. Adolescents need to include fruits and veggies in their daily diet and drink at least 8 full glasses of water every day.

When your skin is dry, it would be naturally itchy. It is when you scratch that the skin begins breaking down, paving the way for stretch marks. To keep your skin from drying, drink a great deal of water daily and start using moisturizing cream on your skin regularly. The moisturizer will also ease the itchiness.

As soon as you discover you are pregnant, if you haven’t yet, start eating a healthy diet and drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily. It’s also a good idea to start an exercise program and apply effective stretch mark creams on a regular basis like the very affordable Barmon Stretch Mark Cream or Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream, both products made specifically for stretch mark prevention.

It is vital that you are in control of your weight, and this can be done through sensible eating and following a healthy diet plan. You can also control your weight by exercising on a regular basis. And if you discover a physical activity (e.g., swimming, brisk walking, jogging) pleasurable, keep doing it.

Considering doing muscle building or weight lifting? Talk with your trainer and let him or her know about your stretch mark worries. He or she can make a weight lifting or muscle-building program for you that slowly progresses, reducing the risk of stretch mark development.

Treat Stretch Marks

The market is saturated with stretch mark creams and lotions. It’s a good idea to read labels before you resolve to buy a skin care product. It’s also prudent to have a talk with your skin doctor before buying and using these creams. A skin doctor will be able to recommend which are the best stretch mark products to use.

Sunless lotions and sprays can temporarily cover up stretch marks. Keep away from tanning beds or even sunbathing for a natural tan as doing so will only make the stretch marks worse.

Laser therapy is a treatment for stretch mark damage. It is a simple procedure that does not call for a lot of recovery time. The laser works in repairing the skin so that it can make collagen again. Collagen repairs and rejuvenates the skin. But then, be aware that laser therapy for the treatment of stretch marks is quite pricey. It also isn’t typically covered by most health insurance policies. So if you are thinking about this procedure, check your insurance policy first.

Plastic surgery is an alternative to consider if you want to have stretch marks removed permanently. Like laser therapy, this stretch mark treatment is pricey, even more so, and even comes with some risks.