Stretch marks are known to affect mostly women. This is because many who get pregnant develop these during pregnancy. More can occur after pregnancy so there never seems to have a resolution to this. Furthermore, women who try to lose weight after pregnancy also end up with these unsightly marks. There never seems to be conclusion to this dilemma because whatever you do, you can still get stretch marks.

The truth is, men are also not better off than women because they can get these scars too. Although it is not openly discussed by men, many feel bothered and embarrassed by male stretch marks that is why more and more males have been seeking treatment for it. The occurrence of these marks on a man’s skin is equally likely to happen on a woman’s body.

Tissue Expansion – Stretch marks are actually skin scars that develop because of a rapid growth or expansion of the body. The scarring begins on the middle layer of the skin which is called the dermis. As the body expands, the tissues under the skin are also stretched and once they have reached their limit, they now start to tear and begin to show on the surface. The collagen production is also interrupted so the tissues cannot heal.

Causes for Male Stretch Marks

Age of Puberty – The occurrence of stretch marks usually starts during puberty. This is the case for both men and women because puberty is the stage when people’s bodies grow rapidly.

Obesity – Other reasons for are also possible. Most men usually get these as a result of obesity. Others suffer from hormone conditions that make them develop lesions that look similar to stretch marks. There are also infections of the skin like the yeast Candida that can cause the same unsightly marks.

Muscle Workout – It is also common for men to develop stretch marks from working out. This happens to them more often than in women because they tend to develop more muscle. The steroids that they take can also cause hormonal imbalances which can affect the production of collagen. Although some can fade away as time goes by, others are more stubborn and needs treatment to reverse the phenomenon.

Cure for Male Stretch Marks

Diet and Exercise – Stretch Marks can be diminished by exercise and a good diet. It is also possible to treat stretch marks by using over the counter or prescription creams. The more drastic measure would be to undergo major surgery. The less risky procedure would be laser therapy. There is also all natural treatments out in the market that heals these marks. This formula contains substances from nature yet it is potent enough to penetrate into the root of the problem and stimulate healing of the torn tissues.

The solution encourages the production of collagen which can help make the inner layers of the skin more elastic and firm. The solution can also help prevent male stretch marks from developing because the ingredients work together to strengthen the dermis and collagen found in the epidermis.

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